Jacob Greenbaum hired as Director of Sales at HR Signal

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Jacob Greenbaum, HR Signal's new Director of Sales

Posted on 03/21/2022

Congratulations to Jacob Greenbaum, HR Signal's new Director of Sales.

In his role, Jacob is leading business development efforts at HR Signal which includes sales technology systems, personnel and channel partnerships. Jacob was highly recruited by other organizations when he decided to seek a new role in early 2022. Jacob chose to join our team at HR Signal for an important reason. He believes HR Signal's product, and platform, are the missing ingredient that will enable companies around the world to improve their company culture and deliver better career paths to their employees.

Prior to his new role, Jacob was Director of Professional Sporting & Entertainment Facilities at VOTI Detection. VOTI Detection is a market leader in real-time security equipment for live events, facilities, airports and more. While leading a growing sales team, Jacob opened new markets and established name recognition industry wide.

Jacob lives in Montréal, Quebec with his wife-to-be. He enjoys sports (go Canadiens!), traveling, and more.

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