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Reduce Voluntary Employee Turnover

Our Proactive Retention™ product is designed to reduce unplanned employee turnover. HR Signal™ generates a Retention Risk™ score for each individual employee to prioritize retention efforts for the right people at the right time.

Retention Risk™ Score Factors

HR Signal’s proprietary Retention Risk™ score analyzes hundreds of factors to determine the probability of an individual employee seeking a new position, either internally or at a new employer, in the next 90 days.

Each Retention Risk™ score is comprised of varying Risk Factors:

  • Peer Career Path Data
  • Public Data
  • Market Data

Proactive Retention™ Alerts & Cases Workflow

Leveraging HR Signal’s Retention Risk™ predictions of specific employees is easy. HR Signal™ will automatically generate alerts and a Proactive Retention™ Case for employees predicted to seek a new role.

Proactive Employee Retention

Bespoke Analytics™ About Each Employee

HR Signal™ is highly people-centric, with a mission of helping employees to thrive in their careers. Our platform accelerates better employee talent development with proprietary insights and valuable reports. HR Signal™ consolidates dozens of disparate analytics into an easy-to-use employee insights hub. Bespoke Analytics™ better prepare each employee’s supervisor ahead of regular performance reviews.

  • Retention Risk™ Score, Risk Factors & Risk History
  • Career Path Insights tailored to each employee’s career & education
  • Peer Tenure Analytics & Benchmarking Reports
  • Average Market Compensation Data
  • Hiring Demand of Employee's Current Position

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Company Analytics for HR Business Intelligence

HR Signal™ can reveal never-before-seen insights. Our Workforce Insights Engine™ serves as an innovative HR Business Intelligence platform to deliver a comprehensive understanding of current employees, external trends, industry benchmarks and historical outcomes. HR Signal™ leverages billions of external data points in combination with a minimal amount of internal data.

HR Signal™ includes an innovative Company HR Analytics dashboard with:

  • Employee Tenure Trends
  • Industry Benchmark Comparisons
  • Position Insights
  • Departmental Comparisons
  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Internal Mobility Reports
  • Historical Trends
  • Past Turnover Analysis

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Market Data

HR Signal’s Workforce Insights Engine™ constantly updates billions of data points to enable a multitude of insights and features within our platform. Whether for current employees or hiring needs, our market data equips your teams with the necessary information.

Market Data is Available for 50,000+ Job Positions across nearly every industry:

  • Salary Averages from Multiple Sources
  • Career Path Reports
  • Position-Specific Insights of Hiring Demand & Labor Shortage

Companies using HR Signal™ currently receive complimentary access to our market data.

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How Our Workforce Insights Engine™ Works

The Secret to Our Algorithm

HR Signal’s proprietary Workforce Insights Engine™ continuously processes billions of data points to unlock valuable workforce trends, job position analytics, career paths, and employee-specific Retention Risk™ predictions. HR Signal™ willfully ignores demographic data such as gender, ethnicity and age to reduce discriminatory biases and enable companies to deliver more equitable career paths for all employees, regardless of background.

Peer Data

HR Signal™ has analyzed more than 50,000+ different job positions across hundreds of millions of real career histories illuminating real-world external benchmarks and insights. This allows our product to analyze an individual employee's own career history, and compare it to similar people who held the same position, or still hold it currently.

Public Data

HR Signal™ leverages data published by governments, companies and people to create a more complete perspective on the macro labor market, specific industries and each company’s workforce. To ensure our commitment to privacy and compliance, we only look at truly public information that has been published and is widely available to anyone.

Market Data

HR Signal™ continuously acquires current market data from a variety of sources. Market data is used by our Workforce Insights Engine™ to quantify specific position hiring demand, analyze compensation trends, and adjust for regional variance by city, state or country.

Our Technology

Retention Platform Benefits

Proactive Retention™ Changes Everything

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

Our Proactive Retention™ platform is a start-to-finish workflow to reduce voluntary turnover.

Employees quit to take a new job at a new company for a variety of reasons. When an employee quits, they usually notifying their company after already accepting a new position elsewhere.

The top reasons why employees quit are:

  • Career Path
  • Job Nature/Assignments
  • Compensation
  • Supervisor Dynamic
  • Work/Life Balance

We continuously update a consolidated Retention Risk™ Score for each employee. This score is algorithmically generated by our Workforce Insights Engine™ and ranges from 1% to 99%, with 99% indicating the highest risk that a specific employee will likely seek a new position in the next 90 days.

When an employee's Retention Risk™ Score exceeds 60%, we alert you. Once alerted, your HR team can decide how to proceed, create a plan of action, and execute on a plan to proactively retain an employee. Most employees are pleasantly surprised when someone from HR gives them a forum to talk about their career path outside of the context of a regularly scheduled performance review.

By proactively retaining the employees at risk of departing their current position, your company can dramatically reduce voluntary employee turnover.


of the reasons why employees quit
are preventable by the company.

“Prior to starting HR Signal, I served as the President of a private-equity backed company where talent retention was always a major focus. Through my experience, I’ve learned that companies can’t thrive without strong employee retention and a deep understanding of their workforce.”

Aaron Goodman
Co-Founder & COO

“Before we started HR Signal, I founded an award-winning company, achieving four Top 99 Employer awards and four Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company awards. None of that would have been possible without high employee retention, and strong talent development. At HR Signal, we're putting lessons from real-world experience into a powerful HR technology product.”

Andrew Spott
Co-Founder & President

“Prior to founding HR Signal, I worked as a Senior Data Scientist. I wanted to apply the power of data science to help employees get to the career path they want, without having to leave a company and coworkers they love.”

Sagy Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO

Implementation Process

Fast, Frictionless & Hassle-Free

Getting started with HR Signal™ requires no invasive integrations, confidential data access, or even any time from your IT department. To start the implementation, simply export a roster of your current employees. Next, we verify and match each employee to one of more than 50,000 unique job positions. Finally, we deliver immediate access to our Proactive Retention™ platform, including analytics from our Workforce Insights Engine™.

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