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Our Workforce Insights Engine™ understands more than 50,000 unique job positions.
We match your employee roster to our unique job position database, enabling instantaneous value for any company.

Proactive Retention™ Reduces Turnover

Our Proactive Retention™ platform is designed to reduce unplanned employee turnover. Our Workforce Insights Engine™ unlocks critical insights about your employees, along with potential paths to help them thrive in their individual careers.

HR Signal's platform enables leaders and HR professionals to analyze, understand and improve employee retention.


Our solutions work together as part of our cohesive Proactive Retention™ workflow:

  • Retention Risk™ Predictions
  • Proactive Retention™ Workflow
  • Market Data
  • Workforce Analytics & Reports
  • Past Turnover Analysis

Retention Risk™ Alerts

HR Signal’s algorithm intakes billions of always changing data points across public and proprietary data sources. If our system detects a new or rapidly increased risk of departure, HR Signal™ sends your company an alert.

Our Solutions

How Our Workforce Insights Engine™ Works

The Secret to Our Algorithm

HR Signal’s proprietary Workforce Insights Engine™ continuously processes billions of data points to unlock valuable workforce trends, job position analytics, career paths, and employee-specific Retention Risk™ predictions.

Peer Data

HR Signal™ starts by finding the closest peer position match from an always-growing database of more than 50,000 different job positions/titles. Next, we analyze an individual employee's career history, and compare it to other people who have held the same position, or hold it currently.

Public Data

HR Signal™ leverages any available data published by governments, companies and people to create a more complete perspective on your company’s workforce. We only look at public information to ensure we preserve privacy.

Market Data

HR Signal™ continuously acquires market data to quantify specific job position demand, analyze compensation trends, and account for regional variance by city and country.

Our Technology

Retention Platform Benefits

Proactive Retention™ Changes Everything

HR Signal Improves Employee Retention

Our Proactive Retention™ platform is a start-to-finish workflow to reduce voluntary turnover.

Employees quit to take a new job at a new company for a variety of reasons. When an employee quits, they are usually notifying your company after they have already accepted a new position elsewhere.

However, the top reasons why employees quit typically include:

  • Career Path
  • Job Nature/Assignments
  • Compensation
  • Supervisor Dynamic
  • Work/Life Balance

We continuously update a consolidated Retention Risk™ Score for each of your employees. This score is algorithmically generated by our Workforce Insights Engine™ and ranges from 1% to 99%, with 99% indicating the highest risk that a specific employee will likely seek a new position in the next 90 days.

When an employee's Retention Risk™ Score has a new or rapid increase, we alert you. Once alerted, your HR team can decide how to proceed, create a plan of action, and execute on a plan to proactively retain an employee. Most employees are pleasantly surprised when someone from HR gives them a forum to talk about their career path outside of the context of a regularly scheduled performance review.

By proactively retaining the employees at risk of departing their current position, your company can dramatically reduce voluntary employee turnover.


of the reasons why employees quit
are preventable by the company.

“Prior to starting HR Signal, I was President of a private-equity backed company, and talent retention was a huge priority. As a former executive, I know how harmful high turnover is on the ability to run a successful company.”

Aaron Goodman
Co-Founder & COO

“We started this company to try and improve career paths for employees and company growth at the same time.”

Andrew Spott
Co-Founder & President

“Prior to founding HR Signal, I worked as a Senior Data Scientist. I wanted to apply the power of data science to help employees get to the career path they want, without having to leave a company and coworkers they love.”

Sagy Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO

Implementation Process

Fast, Frictionless & Hassle-Free

Getting started with HR Signal™ requires no invasive integrations, confidential data access, or even any time from your IT department. To start the implementation, simply export a roster of your current employees. Next, we verify and match each employee to one of more than 50,000 unique job positions. Finally, we deliver immediate access to our Proactive Retention™ platform, including analytics from our Workforce Insights Engine™.

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