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HR Signal™ Product Overview

HR Signal™ combines five powerful products into a simple and easy to use platform.

Our platform leverages our proprietary Workforce Insights Engine™ that contains billions of external data points. HR Signal’s algorithms and machine learning technology produce valuable signals from an expansive data lake. Our five product’s work together to deliver never-before-seen insights and incredible value.

HR Signal™ offers solutions to improve a company’s employee retention, talent development, workforce planning and market competitiveness.

Proactive Employee Retention

Our Proactive Retention™ solution reduces employee turnover by predicting how likely each employee is to seek a new position in the next 90 days, and providing a workflow to address each case.

Proactive Employee Retention

Bespoke Analytics™ for Each Employee

We consolidate dozens of disparate analytics into an easy-to-use employee insights hub. Bespoke Analytics™ better prepare each employee’s supervisor ahead of regular performance reviews.

Bespoke Employee Analytics™

Company Analytics & Workforce Insights

Our Workforce Insights Engine™ serves as an innovative HR Business Intelligence platform to deliver a comprehensive understanding of current employees, external trends, industry benchmarks and historical outcomes.

Company Analytics & Workforce Insights

Employee Retention Solution

Proactive Retention™

Our Proactive Retention™ product is a solution for voluntary turnover. Instead of reacting to employees who quit, HR Signal enables a proactive approach. Our algorithm generates a Retention Risk™ score for each individual employee, and the score is updated frequently.

Retention Risk™ scores range from 1% to 99% and indicate the likelihood for an individual employee to seek a new position within the next 90 days.

By assigning a Retention Risk™ score to each employee, HR teams can prioritize proactive retention efforts long before receiving a 2 week notice.

Case Workflow
For employees with a 60% or higher Retention Risk™ score, we automatically generate a Proactive Retention™ Case. Each case provides a multi-step workflow to assign, assess, plan actions and log outcomes.

Proactive Retention™

People-Centric Insights Solution

Bespoke Employee Analytics™

HR Signal’s Bespoke Analytics™ reveal a wealth of personalized insights for each employee. Risk factors are broken out from within the Retention Risk™ Score to better understand why an employee may soon be seeking a new position.

HR Signal’s proprietary tenure benchmarks provide incredible insights for 50,000+ unique positions:
  • Position Tenure
  • Peer Tenure Trends
  • Company Tenure
  • Tenure at Other Employers

To support employee talent development, our Career Pathing data is bespoke to each individual employee’s career, education and region. HR Signal's proprietary analytics help a company to better prepare for an employee's regular performance review. In addition, we provide complimentary access to market compensation averages and other valuable market data.

HR Signal™ illuminates the relevant information to improve employee retention and workforce development.

Bespoke Analytics™

HR Business Intelligence

Company Analytics & Workforce Insights

Our Workforce Insights Engine™ leverages billions of external data points and proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze a company, benchmark positions and understand workforce trends from micro to macro.

HR Signal™ is highly people-centric and works in addition to, and separately from, any and all existing HRIS/HRM platforms. Implementation involves an incredibly minimal amount of internal company data. Companies can unlock an incredible suite of Company Analytics that include never-before-seen specifics on past turnover, and KPI dashboards with historical information dating back decades.

Company Analytics & Workforce Insights

Competitiveness Solution

Market Data

Our market data is a proprietary combination of many sources that are frequently refreshed and cross referenced within our Workforce Insights Engine™. Together, these market data sources fuel our powerful market data:
  • Current Market Compensation
  • Historical Compensation
  • Hiring Demand
  • Labor Shortage Analysis

Whether for current employees, prospective employees or financial planning, HR Signal’s market data can supplement or even replace your existing compensation platform.

HR Signal™ provides complementary market data for every customer.

Market Data

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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