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Easy Onboarding. No complex implementation, IT people, or systems integrations. HR Signal's workforce insights engine relies on external data, instead of requiring access to your confidential internal information.

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100 - 999 employees


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For companies with
1,000+ employees

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“Prior to starting HR Signal, I was President of a private-equity backed company, and talent retention was a huge priority. As a former executive, I know how harmful high turnover is on the ability to run a successful company.”

Aaron Goodman
Co-Founder & COO

“We started this company to try and improve career paths for employees and company growth at the same time.”

Andrew Spott
Co-Founder & President

“Prior to founding HR Signal, I worked as a Senior Data Scientist. I wanted to apply the power of data science to help employees get to the career path they want, without having to leave a company and coworkers they love.”

Sagy Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO

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