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Market Data

Whether for current employees, prospective employees or financial planning, HR Signal’s market data can supplement or even replace your existing compensation data platform.

HR Signal's Position Demand score helps better understand labor shortages, and varying hiring demand by region.

Companies using HR Signal™ currently receive complimentary access to our market data.

For Retention

When addressing a proactive employee retention case, our compensation data is accessible to uncover any gap in current pay and market average pay.

For Performance Reviews

When preparing for an annual performance review, Average Market Compensation is readily available.

For Hiring

Our Market Average Compensation data can be used for putting together job ads, offer letters or discussing compensation with a prospective employee.

Market Data

Current Average Compensation

Our market data is a proprietary combination of many sources including verified pay stubs, salary surveys, and advertised salaries in job ads.

Historical salary average is charted for an easy insight into the macro trend of compensation in a given position.

Market Data

Position Demand Score

Position Demand scores help companies understand the relative demand for a specific position in an employee's geographic region. The score is a percentage between 1% and 99%, with 99% indicating that there is nearly as much hiring demand for the position as there are people currently employed in the role. This feature allows for real-time analysis of regional hiring demand as it relates to retention, or hiring.

Position Demand can help companies make informed hiring decisions based on a comprehensive view of the local job market supply and demand. Each Position Demand score is calculated as a rolling analysis of regional position-specific hiring posts, compared with the number of people currently employed in this position in the regional workforce.

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