Bespoke Employee Analytics™

Product Details

Bespoke Analytics™ for Each Employee

HR Signal™ provides an individualized analytics hub for each employee. From career pathing to peer benchmarks, all statistics and insights are bespoke to each employee's position, career history and location. Our platform accelerates better employee talent development with proprietary insights and valuable reports.

Retention Risk™

Retention Risk™ scores range from 1% to 99% and indicate the likelihood for an individual employee to seek a new position within the next 90 days.

Internal Company Benchmarks

HR Signal™ unlocks critical insights about internal employee trends, including past employees. These benchmarks help to compare each current employee to other similar current or past employees.

External Peer Benchmarks

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ provides incredible tenure benchmarks for 50,000+ unique positions. We automatically match current employees to their peers.

Market Data

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ reveals current average compensation, market history and hiring demand for specific positions.

Career Pathing

To support employee talent development, our Career Pathing data is bespoke to each individual employee’s career, education and region.

Performance Reviews

In preparation for a performance review, HR team members and supervisors can leverage an employee's Bespoke Analytics™ to quickly consolidate important information needed to better retain and develop talent.


Retention Risk™ Score & Risk Factors

HR Signal’s proprietary Retention Risk™ score analyzes hundreds of factors to determine the probability of an individual employee seeking a new position, either internally or at a new employer, in the next 90 days.

Each Retention Risk™ score is comprised of varying Risk Factors:
  • Peer Career Path Data
  • Public Data
  • Market Data

Retention Risk™ Score history is charted to better understand changes over time.


Tenure Benchmarking

Internal Company Benchmarks
Within a company, HR Signal™ benchmarks each employee's peer group, department, and region. Internal benchmarks on tenure in a position, or in total at the company, help to better understand what "normal" is at a specific company.

External Peer Benchmarks
HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ unlocks insights and trends from other employers that share the same employee positions. These external benchmarks reveal a powerful perspective on what is really happening in the careers of similar employees at other companies.


Market Data

HR Signal’s Workforce Insights Engine™ constantly updates billions of data points to enable a multitude of insights and features within our platform. Whether for current employees or hiring needs, our market data equips your teams with the necessary information.

Our Market Salary Data is from multiple sources, averaging verified pay, surveys and advertised compensation within hiring ads.

We reveal our proprietary Hiring Demand & Labor Shortage Analysis for each position. Our Hiring Demand insight is unique, offering a simple score to estimate the shortage of labor. For a given region, HR Signal analyzes how many different job ads are posted versus the number of people currently holding a specific position.

Market Data is Available for 50,000+ Job Positions across nearly every industry.


Career Pathing

Our Career Path Insights are tailored to each employee’s individual career and educational background.

Internal Mobility: Most Common Next Positions
HR Signal™ reveals the most likely position for each employee to move to within their current employer. By revealing peer internal mobility trends, companies can both better develop existing talent, and improve workforce planning with better supported org charts.

Change of Employer: Most Common Next Positions
There is often a big difference in career path trends for employees that depart for a new company. For some positions, this comparison can better reveal the best career growth path for an employee.

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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