Company Analytics & Internal Workforce KPIs

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Company Analytics & Workforce KPIs

Our HR Business Intelligence platform leverages the HR Signal™ Workforce Insights Engine™ to deliver a comprehensive understanding of current employees, external trends, industry benchmarks and historical outcomes.


A variety of easy to understand KPIs illuminate both health and areas with room for improvement.


Our platform helps HR teams and supervisors by using analytics to identify and focus efforts on the most important initiatives.

Workforce Planning

HR Signal's expansive analytics and trend reports provide the necessary data for better workforce planning.


Company-wide Retention Risk™ Analysis

HR Signal™ continuously generates a Retention Risk™ Score for each employee. The score falls within a range of 1% to 99%. The higher the percentage, the more likely an employee is seeking a new position.

High Retention Risk™ Employees
A score that is high enough to predict it is likely they will seek a new position within the next 90 days.

Medium Retention Risk™ Employees
A score that predicts they are likely to seek a new position within the next 3 to 12 months. This helps to prioritize notable but less urgent proactive employee retention efforts.


Tenure Benchmarking

Internal Company Benchmarks
HR Signal™ compares each employee's peers within their department, region, and company tenure using internal benchmarks. This gives employers a deeper understanding of what is considered standard or typical within their specific company, allowing for informed decision-making and a more thorough understanding of company norms.


Position Trends & Department Analysis

Our position-by-position and departmental analysis reveals outliers and helps to identify room for improvement. Companies can use HR Signal's insights for prioritizing employee retention efforts for specific positions, or getting ahead of turnover through better talent acquisition planning.


Historical Analysis and Workforce KPIs

Companies can unlock an incredible suite of Company Analytics that include never-before-seen specifics on past turnover, and KPI dashboards with historical information dating back decades.

Next Employer Trends Many exit interview notes are either missing the next employer disclosure, or the exit interview process fails to include each and every employee that turns over.

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ reveals the majority of next employer trend data, allowing companies to identify which employers are hiring past employees. Further, the list of next employers helps companies research competing employer offerings and employment environments.

HR Signal™ is highly people-centric and works in addition to, and separately from, any and all existing HRIS/HRM platforms. Implementation involves an incredibly minimal amount of internal company data.

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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