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About HR Signal™

HR Signal™ is a software-as-a-service platform. Our products and platform are designed to support your organization's employee retention, talent development and workforce planning. HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ delivers value for both your employees and your organization.

HR Signal™ was co-founded by 2 AI data scientists and 2 experienced executives who wanted to positively impact both employees and companies. They founded HR Signal™ as a company committed to leveraging big data to improve employee career paths and help companies fix voluntary turnover problems. HR Signal's goal is to help companies grow and employees thrive.

Our Vision

We envision a world where more companies have a greater focus on delivering the career paths that their employees need to thrive and reach their career potential. We envision a world where people don't have to keep hopping jobs to find a company culture that supports their growth.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to improve employee career paths to keep companies growing. HR Signal™ uncovers proprietary insights to help employers to better understand and nurture their people.

HR Signal's

Leadership Team

Sagy Cohen

Co-Founder, CEO

With years of experience working as a developer and researcher in the field of machine learning, Sagy is a data-centric entrepreneur with an ever-growing appetite towards solving complex problems with elegant technology.

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Andrew Spott

Co-Founder, President

Andrew is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and grown a company to reach the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies four times, and named a Top 99 Employer four times. The secret to past success was simple: he helped his employees thrive and proactively retained his best people.

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Daniel Gilon

Co-Founder, Head of Data

After serving in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF, Daniel earned degrees in Mathematics, Industrial Engineering and a Master's in Information Systems Engineering. Daniel has vast experience in data science & large-scale infrastructure development. He is a wizard of transforming data into valuable insights.

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Aaron Goodman

Co-Founder, COO

Aaron is a former CPA with broad experience applying financial and analytical rigor to his work. After working as an auditor for KPMG, Aaron spent over a decade rapidly growing and leading a 100+ person consumer goods brand, eventually selling to private equity.

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Joni Erel

Vice President, R&D

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Anton Kluge

Developer, Full Stack

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HR Signal's


Josh Bersin

Advisor, HR Tech & HR Industry

Lori Dermer

Advisor, HR Industry

Jerome Pickett

Advisor, Strategy, Trust & Compliance

Tzur Daboosh

Advisor, Strategy

Amir Haramaty

Advisor, Strategy

Aaron Grossman

Advisor, HR Industry

Careers at HR Signal

HR Signal is a venture-backed startup. We're currently hiring for a variety of roles.

Open Jobs:

- Account Executive (Cleveland)
- Senior Account Executive, Enterprise (Cleveland)
- Senior Account Executive, Midsize (Cleveland)
- Full Stack Developer (Tel Aviv)
- Senior Full Stack Developer (Tel Aviv)
- Data Engineer (Tel Aviv)

Interested candidates should email careers-at-hrsignal-dot-com.


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