Proactive Employee Retention


Proactive Employee Retention

Our proprietary Retention Risk™ Scores predict how likely each employee is to seek a new position in the next 90 days.

Our product's Proactive Retention™ Case workflow provides a scalable HR process.

Retention Risk™ Scores

Each employee's Retention Risk™ Score falls within a range of 1% to 99%. The higher the score, the more likely an employee is seeking a new position.

Automated Case Generation

When an individual employee's Retention Risk™ Score becomes high enough we automatically generate a Proactive Retention Case.

Case Workflow

Our Proactive Retention Case workflow is an easy step-by-step HR process that ensures a scalable and consistent approach.

Predict Turnover

Employee Specific Retention Risk™ Scores

HR Signal™ frequently updates each employee's Retention Risk™ Score to determine the probability of seeking a new position, either internally or at a new employer.

HR Signal’s proprietary Retention Risk™ score analyzes hundreds of factors categorized into three main Risk Factors:

  • Peer Data (including Career Path Analysis)
  • Public Data
  • Market Data

Automatically Generated & User Generated

Proactive Retention™ Cases

When an individual employee's Retention Risk™ Score becomes high enough, HR Signal™ automatically generates a case and alerts the appropriate platform users.

Alternatively, HR team users can also generate a new case manually.

Each Proactive Retention™ Case can be picked up by an HR professional, or further assigned to another team member.

Proactive Retention™ Cases are designed to give HR teams a consistent approach to implement a proactive retention HR process that is scalable, trainable and fast.

Scalable, Trainable and Fast

Proactive Retention™ Workflow

Each Proactive Retention™ Case provides a step-by-step workflow to assign, assess, plan actions and log outcomes. HR Signal's Retention Risk™ Score is a leading indicator that predicts the likelihood an employee will seek a new position.

Each new case can be assessed by conducting a Retention Risk™ Assessment with the employee, which is nearly identical in content to most stay interviews or similar check-ins.

HR Signal's workflow provides a start-to-finish HR process that is intuitive, straightforward and flexible.


Less Reacting. Less Backfilling.

We built HR Signal's Proactive Retention™ product to dramatically improve the reactionary nature of unplanned voluntary employee turnover. While there is no way to eliminate turnover, HR Signal™ strives to predict voluntary turnover long before an employee is serving a two-week notice.

HR Signal™ helps HR departments react less and reduce urgent backfilling.

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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