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Career Pathing

HR Signal’s career path insights span 50,000+ unique positions, and are further individualized for each employee's own career history, education and region.

Our career path insights can be leveraged for proactive employee retention, regular performance reviews, onboarding, hiring and workforce planning.


Career Path for Talent Development

To support employee talent development, our Career Pathing data is bespoke to each individual employee’s career, education and region.

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ ignores gender, ethnicity and age to deliver unbiased career path trend reports that enable a more equitable approach to employee career growth at a company.


Next Position After The Next Position

Our Workforce Insights Engine™ analyzes real career history data to provide not only insights into the next most likely position for a specific employee, but also the next-next position trends that may follow. This allows for a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to employee career development.

HR Signal's career pathing data is bespoke for each employee, which improves the accuracy and validity of individualized career growth data.


Internal Mobility vs
Changing Employers

HR Signal™ reveals two career path data sets for each of 50,000+ unique positions.

Internal Mobility trend charts show the most common next position for an employee that stays at their current employer.

Change of Employer trend charts show the most common position for an employee that changes their employer.

Comparing career path internally versus changing employers can reveal counterintuitive insights that strongly support internal career path development.

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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