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Fast & Hassle-free

HR Signal's Implementation Process

Surprise! We don’t require an integration with your existing HR information systems, payroll systems, file systems or any internal communications.

Instead, HR Signal's technology leverages external data sources.

HR Signal provides unlimited user seats free of charge. Instead of charging for each individual user seat, we only charge based on your company's employee roster size, allowing all key personnel on your HR team (along with any other members of your leadership team) to have direct access to our powerful workforce insights and specific employee Retention Risk™ analytics.

  • Input/Upload your Employee Roster
  • We verify and match employees to one of more than 50,000 unique job positions
  • Immediate access to our Proactive Retention™ platform and Workforce Insights Engine™

Yes, it really is this easy.

Prolific Product Access

Unlimited Free User Seats

HR Signal's Customer Success team will assist in granting targeted user access within your company, or company admins can add users on their own. HR Signal wants all company Leadership, HR, Finance and Operations teams to have access to valuable insights.

HR Signal's Bespoke Employee Analytics help supervisors effectively prepare for annual or quarterly performance reviews. Customizable user permissions ensure that each supervisory role within your organization has access to the necessary tools and resources.

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

Got 15 minutes? We'll give you a quick demo and some free insights bespoke to your company. No strings attached.