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Our Employee Retention Solutions

HR Signal™ helps companies retain their valuable employees. Our Proactive Retention™ product helps at the right time, with the right data, to provide companies with the insights and the career paths that employees seek. Retaining valuable employees ensures strong business continuity, time efficiency and tacit expertise in key roles.

HR Signal's platform enables leaders and HR professionals to analyze, understand and improve employee retention.

Our Primary Solutions:
  • Retention Risk™ Predictions
  • Proactive Retention™ Workflow
  • Market Data
  • Workforce Analytics & Reports
  • Past Turnover Analysis

Solution: Retention Risk Scores

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ generates a Retention Risk™ Score for each of your employees. Our algorithm is continuously updated with fresh data to analyze, so that our Retention Risk™ Scores can be refreshed and recalculated on an ongoing basis.

Our Retention Risk™ Score is an easy to understand percentage, ranging from 1% to 99%. A high Retention Risk™ Score indicates low likelihood that an employee stays at your company.

Retention Risk™ Alerts
When an employee's score exceeds a certain threshold, HR Signal™ sends Retention Risk™ Alerts and automatically adds the employee to a workflow queue for next steps.

Our Retention Risk™ Alerts are designed to predict the employee(s) most likely to seek a new position within the next 90 days.

Instead of receiving a two-week notice, HR Signal™ enables you to proactively approach and retain an employee who likely would have eventually resigned to take a new position.

Solution: Proactive Retention™ Workflow

HR Signal's platform is designed to enable your HR team to proactively retain your workforce. In addition to HR Signal's Retention Risk™ Alerts, our platform is a solution to improve the regular employee performance reviews you already conduct today.

Review Employee-Specific Analytics

When we send a Retention Risk™ Alert, the first step is to review all available data on a specific employee. We consolidate hundreds of risk factors into a single Retention Risk™ Score. We also reveal employee-specific and position-specific analytics that give realtime insights.

Alert Assessment & Validation

Assessing the accuracy of an HR Signal Retention Risk™ Alert requires internal research and typically direct dialogue with the specific employee. HR Signal™ provides a variety of resources, training and support to properly conduct Alert Assessments. If your organization already has Stay Interviews, that may function in place of an Alert Assessment.

Our process is simple, and enables your team to directly engage a specific employee and establish a validated retention concern, or decide that a Retention Risk™ Alert was a false positive.

Plan of Action

After validating a Retention Risk™ Alert, the next step is to create a plan of action. In today's highly competitive employment environment, it is likely for an employee to seek a new project, new role, or a change in compensation. The Plan of Action workflow step is where your HR team will seek internal approval prior to making a Proactive Retention™ offer to a specific employee.

Proactive Retention Meeting

The final step of the workflow is to meet with your employee, and present your plan of action to retain them and support their career growth at your company. To complete the workflow, you select the outcome and add any relevant notes within our platform.

Solution: Market Data At Your Fingertips

HR Signal™ continuously acquires, aggregates and analyzes market data. Updated on a near-daily basis, our market data sets vary by city, state, region and country. We leverage market data as one of the three main pillars of data that powers our algorithm. This same market data is also valuable for standalone insights.

Our Market Data Analytics allow you to access up-to-date insights related to any position held by one of your employees.

Market Insights Include:

  • Position Hiring Demand
  • Average Compensation
  • Segmentation & Regional Trends

Example Position Insight: Developer

  Solution: Workforce Analytics & Reports

Our Workforce Insights Engine™ generates real-time analytics about your workforce. These analytics deliver insights to help you better understand your employees, your talent management impact and overall trends.

HR Signal™ provides free unlimited user access included in any paid license. User access is available for your leadership and HR teams. We don't charge for these user seats to enable prolific access to your own analytics about your own workforce.

Workforce Insight Examples:

  • Retention Risk™ by Department, Location or Custom Taxonomy
  • Internal Mobility Reports
  • HR KPIs

Solution: Past Turnover Analysis

HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ unlocks visibility into your company's past turnover, and past employee outcomes. By revealing these trends, we help your company better understand your employment environment, and patterns in the career paths of your employees. Our insights on past turnover will help your HR team can better plan, execute and problem solve your current day talent management and retention practices.

Turnover Analysis Examples:

  • Where do past employees work? Are certain competing employers poaching many of your past employees?
  • What seasonal trends form?
  • Which department or location has the highest turnover?

HR Signal™ Improves Employee Retention

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