Regional Salary Map Spotlight: Director of Engineering (Apr-Sep 2023)

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Regional Salary Map Spotlight: Director of Engineering (Apr-Sep 2023)

Posted on 09/26/2023

A Deep Dive Into Director of Engineering Salary Changes

Understanding salary trends across the US isn't just a luxury - it's a necessity for compensation management. HR Signal has the precise data companies need to unlock smarter compensation strategies.

Here's a look inside HR Signal's Workforce Insights Engine™ at Director of Engineering salary changes over the last 6 months (from April to September 2023) across more than 350 US cities.

🟢 Cities with Largest Salary Increases

Bethlehem, PA: +47.5%
Lincoln, NE: +38.7%
Providence, RI: +36.4%

🔴 Cities with Largest Salary Decreases

Madison, WI: -12.7%
Los Angeles, CA: -3.4%
Chicago, IL: -3.3%

➡️ The average Director of Engineering's salary increased approximately 1% across the entire US during this 6-month period. As of September 2023, the average salary across the U.S. stands at $169,178.

Click to explore the interactive map and drill down to see city-by-city data above.

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