Talent Acquisition Manager Compensation Trends: Base Salary Data From 800+ US Geographies

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Regional Salary Map Spotlight: Talent Acquisition Manager (Oct 2023-Mar 2024)

Posted on 03/29/2024

Compensation Trends: Talent Acquisition Manager Base Salary Data From 800+ US Geographies

In the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, staying ahead of compensation trends is crucial. At HR Signal, we empower organizations with the tools to craft effective compensation strategies through our real-time, detailed data.

Dive into our latest analysis, showcasing base salary changes for Talent Acquisition Managers over the last six months across 800+ US locations. Our proprietary data, derived from a comprehensive analysis of thousands of data points, offers granular insights to inform your compensation decisions.

Click above and explore the interactive map, allowing you to drill down to see city-by-city data.

🟢 Top Geographies with Base Salary Increases:

New York, New York: +3.67%
Washington, DC: +3.02%

🔴 Top Geographies with Base Salary Decreases:

Salem, Oregon: -5.43%
Aurora, Illinois: -0.33%

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